Cullen Genealogy Homepage has moved ! ! !
      Season's Greetings from my Cullen family to yours ! The Holidays are a special time to be spent with friends and family . . . I hope your Holiday Season will be a happy one. I've taken this opportunity also to make a major change to the Cullen Genealogy Homepage. After ten years with LRBCG, I've found it necessary to relocate the Cullen pages to a new server. This was not an easy decision and, for various reasons, was unavoidable. I regret the necessity of everyone having to change bookmarks, weblinks, etc. It's my sincere hope that ( save some unseen future catastrophe ) the Cullen site will never again have to suffer a relocation to a new server. I've enjoyed my time with LRBCG immensely and would highly recommend their friendly and dependable service to anyone.
      Below is the link to the new location of the Cullen Genealogy Homepage. Please update your bookmarks, weblinks, and other references to the previous location at LRBCG. I apoligize for this inconvenience. I hope the new Cullen Genealogy Homepage will be as successful on the new server as it has been all these years at LRBCG.
      New location for Cullen Genealogy Homepage:

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