Outlook '98 and Outlook Express Setup

Setting up Outlook '98 and Express is very simple to do. Once you have fully installed the program double-click the icon on your desktop for the program you wish to use.

The Program will open and you will see a menu bar at the top of the page.

Click on Tools then Accounts...

The next thing you will see is the Internet Accounts window. Click on the Add button and select Mail from the menu.

The boxes that follow are used to create an account so that you can check your e-mail on our system.

Your E-mail Address is your UserID followed by @LRBCG.COM. (i.e. UserID@LRBCG.COM).
***unless you have chosen one of the alternate email domains. In that case your email address would be (Userid@chosendomain.com). Please refer to the Chart for more information on domain spellings and usage.
Then click Next.

Fill in the appropriate boxes.


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