How to set up mIRC for use with's Chat.

mIRC is a very easy to use IRC chat program. It contains very basic features for the beginner and for more advanced users, it allows you to control nearly every aspect of your chat experience.

You will need to download and install mIRC. You can find it at Once you have installed the program you can refer to these pages to set it up for use with our chat server.

First, activate the program by double-clicking the mIRC icon on the desktop or by clicking Start>Programs>mIRC>mIRC32.

This will open mIRC and you will see the setup window. Click the Add button first.

Then fill in the information as follows.

Back to the mIRC Setup window, Make sure the top has LRBCG.COM listed. Then fill in the rest of the information.


Once you are connected you will need a place to go, so click the List channels button.


This is the List channels window, here you should choose your options. If you want to search for a particular subject, type keywords in the match text box, then click Get List!

The channel list will come up in a new window. To search through the list use the scrollbar at the right of the window. To join a channel just double click on it.

Once you have joined the channel you can begin chatting by typing in the box below the chat window and hitting enter. That's it have fun chatting!



Some mIRC tips for you:


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