LRBCG.COM offers a 24-hour tech support line. Below are links to common questions and configurations. If you don't find the answer to your question, please feel free to call the office anytime at 419-621-5770 or 1-888-621-6475.


    What is DNS?

    DNS stands for Domain Name Service. That doesn't help much does it? Basically DNS works by translating the numeric IP (Internet Protocol) address that every website has into an easy to remember text address and then back again.

    This is necessary because computers on the Internet use the numbers in an IP address to get you to your destination. There are 4 parts to an IP address separated by periods. Each of those parts has a special meaning on the Internet.

    For example, our homepage is If you type you will also end up on our homepage. Either one of these will take you to the exact same place, but one is just a whole lot easier to remember. When you type an address using letters DNS converts it to numbers which the Internet understands.



    Sandusky:             (567) 998-4006) NOTE: UserName needs to read:

    Norwalk:               (567- 424-4050) NOTE: UserName needs to read:

    Huron:                  (567-623-4029)  NOTE: UserName needs to read:

    New Washington:  (419-492-6101)  NOTE: UserName needs to read:

    Bellevue:               (567- 228-4050) NOTE: UserName needs to read:

                    (567- 208-4004) NOTE: UserName needs to read:

                   (567- 245-4054) NOTE: UserName needs to read:

    Fremont:              ( 567- 201-4010) NOTE: UserName needs to read:

    Mansfield:            (419- 989-4004) NOTE: UserName needs to read:   

                      (567- 220-4010) NOTE: UserName needs to read:

                    (419- 951-4160) NOTE: UserName needs to read:


    Microsoft Outlook Express is the Mail and News reader that comes with Internet Explorer 4.0. Outlook Express allows you easy access to read your personal e-mail and switch to reading public newsgroups just by changing folders. It also allows you to check mail on all of your e-mail addresses with the click of a button by using a feature called Inbox Assistant. Say every person in your family has their own e-mail address, you don't want to have everybody's mail downloaded into the same folder where you have to sift through and see who's is who's. Inbox assistant sends the mail to the correct folder depending on who it's addressed to or even by who it's from. If you don't want to receive mail from certain people or on certain subjects then just tell Inbox Assistant to send those messages to the trash or even prevent it from being downloaded at all.

    Outlook '98 is also very nice for e-mail and it also has a calendar, electronic Rolodex, yellow sticky notes for your desktop, journal, and task manager. All of these features make Outlook '98 an excellent messaging and collaboration program.

    Click here for instructions on how to set up Outlook '98 and Outlook Express.


    mIRC Icon

    mIRC is a highly configurable IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client. mIRC allows you to join online discussions with people from around the world.

    mIRC allows you to send and receive files, chat, play sounds, and even type in full color. The options are virtually endless, when you combine scripts and add-ons with mIRC, there is nothing that mIRC can't do. There are add-ons that enable you to play text based games in chat rooms.

    Like I said the options are endless and IRC can be a great way to meet new people and make lifelong friends. The only way you will ever know is if you give it a try. :-)

    Click here to learn how to set mIRC up for use with LRBCG.COM's chat server.

    Some mIRC related links to help you on your way.
    mIRC's Homepage Lot's of usefull information about mIRC and it's author. You can download the latest copy from this site.
    mIRC Help and Tips An excellent resource, it explains every mIRC feature in detail, has pictures for most things.


    How do I sign on? It is very easy to sign up with LRBCG.COM. It's a two step process, first we need to create an account for you. Then we will walk you through setting up your computer to connect to us. Just give us a call at 621-5770 or toll free at 1-888-621-6475.

    Windows '95/'98

    Most computers that have Windows '95 or '98 have everything you need to connect to us.

    Windows 3.x

    Computers that have Windows 3.1 will most likely need setup disks to get started.


    You can also use your Macintosh or WebTV to connect to the Internet through us. If you are using WebTV you will need to have an account with WebTV's network first, then we can create your account. Keep in mind that we will charge you $19.95/mo and WebTV will charge either $9.95/mo or $14.95/mo depending on which model you have.



    Our billing address is:

    LRBCG.COM, Inc.
    P.O. Box 1135
    Sandusky, OH 44871-1135
    ***Please make checks and money orders payable to: LRBCG.COM, Inc
    Also be sure to include either your account# or email address with payment so that you will be sure to recieve your credit.