Changing Your Mail Server Address

Recently LRBCG.COM began the process of moving all of it's users to a new and improved mail server. This move will result in more reliable e-mail service, and quicker message transfer when mail is being sent to another LRBCG.COM user.

Before you will be able to recieve mail from this new server, it will be necessary for you to make an adjustment to the settings within the program you use to send and recieve Internet mail.

There are many different e-mail programs, so we will try to cover the most widely used. If your e-mail program is not covered in these pages feel free to call our office at 419-621-5770 or toll free 1-888-621-6475.

We have many different domains so we have different mail server addresses. How do you know which mail server to choose? Very simple, pick the one that matches your e-mail address. For example if your e-mail address ends in your mail server would be But if your e-mail address ends in @LRBCG.COM your mail server would be mail.LRBCG.COM. Use the table below to determine your correct mail server address. Then choose your e-mail program from the list below the table for instructions on how to change it.

E-mail addressMail Server

Please Choose the Program Which Matches Your Email Software

Internet mail for Internet Explorer 3.x
Netscape 3.0 Mail
Outlook Express or Outlook '98
Outlook '97
Netscape Communicator